1. 1.      WTU SCHOLARSHIPS for Northern Uganda;

There are 83 beneficiaries on this programme and they come from the districts of Amuru, Nwoya, Gulu, Kitgum and Lamwo. 25 of them are sitting for their UACE this November and so are 12 vocational students are doing their final BTVET exams. 24 are at university making good progress majority completing June 2014, , and 21 at tertiary level are also making good progress and will complete by June 2013 except for 4 studying for the Clinical Officers course that will complete by 2014.

  1. 2.      DAFI  university scholarship programme

The total number of beneficiaries this year is 147 including 60 new scholarships. 51 completed their studies by July leaving 96 on board. Majority of the beneficiaries on this programme come from South Sudan – 50 followed by DRC – 47 and Rwandese – 25. The other nationalities constitute the remaining 25 scholarships; Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Burundi. The refugees from DRC are 116,350[1] (58.7%) of a registered population of 197,959[2] but they take less than 50% of the scholarships because of the challenges with equating secondary school certificates. The DAFI students are in 11 different universities. The annual seminar was done on October  20 with an attendance of 95%.

  1. 3.      Secondary scholarships;

There are 199 beneficiaries under this programme including 100 new scholarships. The award of new scholarships was a great support to the academically excellent students that are too poor to support their own education especially in the urban area.  The annual seminars for these beneficiaries were held in the course of October and attendance was 100%.  Topic was “Education is a Human Right” What is my role as a student. UNHCR re-instated the purchase of text books under this programme and the procurement should be complete by mid-November and distribution by early December.  All the funds under this budget will be utilized as planned.

  1. 4.      Vocational scholarships under UNJPP:

This programme supports 158 youth at vocational training; 58 that started in 2011 and are expected to complete by December 2012 and 100 new from Arua District (60 nationals & 40 refugees) that were selected in July this year.   This grant covers the purchase of startup kits for the 58 that should complete this December and the procurement is in progress to be completed by mid-December.

  1. 5.      Nakivale Vocational Training Centre:- focus is non-formal training for 3 months

The center enrolled 72 trainees in September this year short by 28 from the target of 100. They have settled in well and should be ready for DIT exams in January 2013. The inaugural courses are;- Tailoring and Garment cutting, Carpentry & Joinery, Building & Concrete Practice and Agronomy. The center is fully furnished and equipped with all machinery required to do effective training. A generator has been installed and rain water harvesting tanks. The land for the VTC has been demarcated and fencing should start soon.

  1. 6.   Education Management programme in the South western settlements of Nakivale, Oruchinga and Kyaka II:

The school management programme covers 16 primary schools and 3 secondary schools. All activities have been managed well and are running smoothly.  Approximately 600 children were registered and have sat for PLE in the three settlements. This covers both nationals and refugees. Pupil retention has improved as well as teachers’ attendance and community participation is very good.  A dormitory for girls at Nakivale secondary school has been constructed out of community participation and is now at the level of roofing where the community now seeks WTU/UNHCR support.

[1] UNHCR statistics October 1st 2012

[2] UNHCR statistics October 1st 2012



  1. DAFI University scholarships ����������� From the beginning of 2011 this programme has 103 scholarships beneficiaries registered in 9 universities around the country.  The academic performance registered in 2010 was satisfactory with 4 students on the Dean’s list for outstanding academic performance.

DAFI Clubs; the universities of Nkumba and Bugema have very active DAFI clubs that have carried out community service in way of returning to society. These activities were achieved by use of their membership fee of  UGX. 5000/= per semester.

  1. Secondary/Vocational scholarship programme; this project started in January 2010 and it was critical in filling the gap of need for para-professionals for the refugee youth that are not very academic and secondary education for future tertiary training.

Twenty (20) new scholarships  in senior 1 were awarded for 2011 bringing the number of secondary school beneficiaries to 189, with an additional 13 at post-primary and 15 at post secondary vocational level training.

  1. UN Joint Population Plan (JPP): WTU has been working with the UNHCR Kampala on a project to support 60 refugee youth to get Technical skills training for a period of 2 years.  The beneficiaries will be selected from the most populous settlements of Nakivale, Kyangwali and Kyaka II.   The kind of courses to be supported will include Motor vehicle mechanics, plumbing, building and concrete practice, carpentry, primary teacher training, tailoring and garment cutting among others.

Other donors for refugee projects: Educate! and Episcopal Church of the Sudan are the two other donors. Together they supported 30 students in 2010 .

  1. Windle Trust scholarships in Uganda; This is a secondary and vocational scholarship project funded by WTI to continue support for war affected youth in northern Uganda after the conclusion of funding under the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in December 2010. At the inception it was assumed that this project would support 140 continuing students; 55 at higher secondary school (senior 5), 85 at post secondary vocational training and 5 at university.������������������������������������������ However due to the increase in cost of tuition fees, after interviews, and gauging by the number of students that reported to WTU – Gulu Office, the numbers were reduced to 31 for senior 5 and 20 for vocational after senior 4. Subsequently the A���level students have been enrolled in 3 schools in Gulu namely;

i) St. Joseph College Layibi (Boys School)

ii) Sir Samuel Baker (Boys School)

iii) Pope John Paul II College (co –education school)

The vocational students have been enrolled in institutions as listed below;

Course No. of students Institution Remarks
Agriculture 10 Bobi Polytechnic All have reported
Plumbing 1 Uganda Tech. Coll. Lira Has reported
Electrical Installation 1 Daniel Comboni Voc Inst. Has reported
Primary teaching 2 Christ the King PTC Have reported
Primary teaching 1 Gulu PTC Has reported
Comprehensive nursing 5 Lacor School of Comprehensive nursing Interview results not yet out.


Windle Trust scholarships in Uganda; the secondary school and vocational training scholarship project in northern Uganda has started off on a very good footing and was a welcome relief for excellent students that were not absorbed by AVSI after the closure of the Acholi Bursary scheme (ABS) in Dec 2010. Those to join university and tertiary institutions after S.6 will be interviewed at a later date because the academic year does not start until August.

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