WTU- (Windle Trust Uganda) is an NGO registered in Uganda but a member of the Windle family of trusts headquartered in the United Kingdom. WTU has been operating in Uganda since 1997 with a Mission to equip refugees and others affected by conflict in Africa to meet the challenges of development through providing access to education, training and employment opportunities through advocacy and direct Programme activity.

DAFI:Windle Trust Uganda has been an implementing partner for the UNHCR particularly managing the DAFI university scholarship programme for the last 14 years with over 320 graduates. The DAFI scholarship programme is the single largest provider of scholarship for academic refugees. It has natured high level professionals and has contributed tremendously to enhancing self reliance and development of the human resource in the refugee communities. 

The DAFI university scholarship programme is for all academic refugees worldwide therefore in Uganda it supports beneficiaries  from the various nationalities in the refugee community; Congolese, Somali, Rwandese, Burundians, Sudanese, Ethiopians and Eritreans among others to study at universities and other institutions of higher learning.

The target group are in the age cohort of 18 to 36 years and constitute about 40% of the current refugee population of 197,957. To qualify applicants must be academically competent and should posses documents to prove their academic achievement.  This scholarship supports both undergraduate and postgraduate studies but opportunities are limited and highly competitive. The cost of university education is very high and practically beyond reach for refugees.  The Uganda Government provides a minimum of 1000 scholarships annually to enable its youth to access university education.  Refugees do not qualify for the government scholarships.  Therefore the DAFI scholarship is the most dependable programme that enables refugees to access university education with more than 300 beneficiaries over the last 15 years. Windle Trust Uganda is UNHCRs’ IP that in managing this programme

The DAFI scholarship programme gives opportunity to students to get training in various skills that are transferable. A good number of the DAFI graduates are providing important services to their communities; social workers, community development, teachers etc. This makes them self reliant economically and they provide role models for the younger persons of concern and eventually improve on their family and communities at large.

Since 1997 Windle Trust Uganda (WTU) has been managing the DAFI university scholarship programme and there are more than 250 refugee students that have graduated from university.  Through our network, WTU has been able to track at least 150 of these students, and all are in gainful employment.

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UN Joint Population Plan (JPP): The joint programme is designed to address gaps in the systems structures and leadership so that the youthful and sexually active population can be empowered to make informed choices about their reproductive health and rights and have the capacity to contribute to economic development of Uganda.

The joint programme aims to reduce fertility especially among young people, support enabling environment in education and health services and urban development to manage the population change, increase youth capacity to access competitive skills and opportunities to actively participate in the economy for sustainable livelihoods, and adequately coordinate and manage national population programme able to deliver it’s expected results efficiently and effectively.

Other donors for refugee projects: Educate! and Episcopal Church of the Sudan are the two other donors. Together they supported 30 students in 2010 with a minimal contribution to administration costs.

Secondary and Vocational Scholarship Programme ; WTU has been working with the UNHCR Kampala on a project to support 60 refugee youth to get technical skills training for a period of 2 years.  The beneficiaries were  selected from the most populous settlements of Nakivale, Kyangwali and Kyaka II.   The kind of courses supported include Motor vehicle mechanics, plumbing, building and concrete practice, carpentry, primary teacher training, tailoring and garment cutting,hairdressing/cosmetology among others.

Northern Uganda :

Windle Trust Scholarship programme for the Northern region  was designed to support   those students who had not completed the circle of education after having been sponsored by Acholi Bursary Scheme (ABS) which concluded its operation and support in December 2010 during the when most of these students had just completed O’level and A’ level education .These students had no hope of continuing with their studies .

The programme is currently providing scholarships to students who had performed well in their   National examination both at O’and A’ level but lacked funds to continue with their education. The scholarship is for secondary, vocational education as well as university education.The scholarship is supporting a number of students in various instiutions and schools through paying their tuition and related fees .

Secondary education (A’ level education)               25 Vocational studies   for certificate courses             14 Diploma courses                                                           21 University education   for degree programmes      24 buycialisonline-lowcostcheap generic viagra online tadalafil generic


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